Hello world (of photography)!

This is a photography blog. Well, it may also become a graphic design blog. Or mainly a photography blog, with a sprinkle of graphic design. Or maybe some random posts in between.

But the main idea of this blog will be expression. I will express myself through my work, I will express how I feel about others’ work, and I will show how others express themselves. Also, please feel free to express yourself on this site, with your own work or about what you see on this page.

I am starting this blog because, as a graphic design major, which is a part of communications, I am always being told to get myself out there. Show the world what I can do, what I have to say, how I feel. I hope everyone else agrees that this is a good thing to do too.

So sit back and enjoy, and please comment as much as possible. This site will begin slowly, but I hope its momentum will carry it on. Please see the About section for more information, and send any questions, comments, or concerns to the Comments page.

Share and enjoy!


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