Music is Beautiful

Instruments are beautiful. People sometimes forget that.

I’ve taken my fair share of photographs of instruments. I figure I’ll put some together here.

This was my electric piano in high school that I used every day in Harmony & Theory and Piano. Only one other person used it,  and I was always annoyed when they didn’t put the cover back on. I took this picture for the yearbook on the music page, and there it stays.

This was also taken for the yearbook. This is my friend’s guitar at school, and she was the only one who used it . There are no more guitars on the walls in the Harmony & Theory room anymore, because the guitar an piano classes are gone, and the room looks rather empty now.

This is our piano at home, a photograph I took for my 365 project. I wanted to do something different, so I turned the camera. One doesn’t normally look at the piano in such a way.

And this is our other piano, old and dying. When we bought it and I was a baby, it was already falling apart, and it’s only gotten worse. It had also been painted over (see the paint chipping?) and it never should have been; the unexposed wood is still a wonderful dark color, but no one can see it anymore. It is also an old player piano, but that part never worked for us because it was taken out before we had it.


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