More blog posts in the future?

I’m going to start using this blog more often. I do occasionally write longish posts on my Tumblr blog, but as that blog is cluttered by so many other things like photos from television shows, I wanted to have one place for things like photography and short bursts of writing (read: blog posts). While I do not have anything at all to be “ashamed” of on my Tumblr blog, because I never actually bash people or do anything similar in writing (nor do I hardly do it in person, because that’s just who I am) because I know anything you do on the internet can come back to haunt you. So now whenever I write a blog post, it will go on Tumblr as well as here on WordPress. This is the place to look then for blog posts from me! And hopefully I will go back to doing some themed photo blogs after photography trips and projects too.

So thanks for reading, and enjoy! This blog is linked to my Twitter and so if you can’t find it, you can always look in those places. Additionally, all posts will be sent to Twitter automatically. Come back soon!



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