(This actually occurred back in April, but I’m just posting this here now, even though it was in my other blog.)

So I received an award today, although I should have received it on Saturday but no one told me anyone was actually going to the ceremony because apparently I wasn’t on the email list so I didn’t go.

I won it for my school’s newspaper, The Rider News, as I was the Advertising Editor and I sort of acted as the Design Editor although we didn’t actually have one, which is now my title for next year. NJ Collegiate Press apparently looks at all college newspapers in NJ for the year and picks the best news stories, sports stories, graphics, etc., and I won first place for best “Editorial Cartoon/Artistic Story Illustration.” I didn’t think the designs were very spectacular, but they were my best for the year up until this past issue (I haven’t been given much creative reign so I didn’t really have the chance to anyway). So I’ve received a plaque. Only the first place people get plaques. Seton Hall was the only weekly newspaper that received more awards than we did as a whole. We got 6, TCNJ 4, and Rowan 3.

The article about this from my school’s news can be seen here.


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