NaBloPoMo 1: Apparently I’m going to do this.

Okay, so every year I think about doing NaNoWriMo but I’m so busy with classes (November is such a bad time for this!) I just can’t do it. I’m even signed up and I get emails all the time. But today I received an email from the WordPress gods, saying “NaBloPoMo is here!” to which I became very excited, because I could conceivably write this much every day. Therefore, I am going to do my best to attempt NaBloPoMo. I’ll still read the emails from NaNoWriMo and get ideas and prompts, and who knows, maybe this blog will be fully up and running for the first time. However, don’t expect this to continue on a daily basis after November, because let’s be honest, that probably won’t continue to happen. But hopefully this will get me to blog more often than not!

And so now this concludes my first blog post. It’s really long, huh? Yeah. Blog one: done.


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