NaBloPoMo 6: Voting, and starting to feel better about other things

You may remember I said less than a week ago, after the hurricane, that I was feeling very unsettled with all the uncertainty and lack of routine that I had as a result of the storm. After having class yesterday, this became better because I started to have my usual routine again. I also received my new SLR and Kindle in the mail yesterday, which I wrote about already, but that of course made things a lot better as well.

Today I went home and voted, and though I’m not going to talk about voting here because I’m not one to talk about politics (although it’s really stressing me out—four years is a short time but also a very long time), I think going home definitely helped me with my feeling of uneasiness. I was able to have some true Introvert Alone Time, go to the most familiar place there is (my house), and visit my two favorite teachers from high school and talk with them. They were the closest I had to mentors in high school, because they both taught me in some capacity all through my four years, so they made the most impact on my high school self. I didn’t realize it this afternoon, but after I talked with them both I felt a lot better about everything, and now I definitely feel like everything is back to normal.

As an ending note, when I went home earlier, I also decided to go outside and photograph a bit with the new camera (until I became too cold), and this was my favorite shot:



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