NaBloPoMo 7: In which I end up photographing things in my room

Today was a fairly uneventful day, although I did get to see some networking at play, as I was asked if I wanted to design a poster for the associate dean of my college for a project unrelated to the school. I know I was asked to help due to my job as design manager for the newspaper, but it’s very flattering to think that I was the first person that one professor asked to help.

Beyond that, today was fairly uneventful as previously stated, though we had our first snow of the season. I was also hit by a snowball. Twice. But then I came home from work and photographed some nerdy things in my room. In order: my Ravenclaw scarf, crocheted for me by my friend Hilary; part of the poster I received at Tour de Nerdfighting 2012, with John and Hank Green’s foreheads; my TARDIS mug; a choice phrase from my Maureen Johnson magnets; my TARDIS name tag, also made by Hilary, with my design ruler; and of course my “Keep Calm and DFTBA” poster (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome). My original plan was to photograph things to go along with my Ravenclaw scarf, meaning other blues and grays, but then I started just doing other nerdy photographs in blue… that went out the window with the magnets, and completely gone with the poster. But that’s okay. I’m very excited to be using this camera, but I miss being able to do macro. Soon, hopefully, that will be remedied, because it luckily only costs $50.


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