NaBloPoMo 8: Some random thoughts

I wish I had something clever or extremely interesting to say about my day, but unfortunately my days have been fairly uneventful, and then I get to writing these blog posts and I feel guilty that I have not thought about what to write all day, and I tell myself that I will think earlier tomorrow, and then never do. Maybe tomorrow.

So today, I will make a list of the events I am excited about in the present and the near future:

  • Tomorrow I will be seeing The Crucible at my school, and that should be interesting and exciting. The performances were originally scheduled for last week, beginning with Halloween, but due to the storm they needed to push it back to this week. Had it been Halloween, it would have been especially chilling.
  • Now that I have my Kindle, I’ve finally gotten to learning how to email articles and convert other types of eBooks. For a while I had difficulty getting the book covers to appear, but I’ve just figured that out now and I’m very pleased with myself.
  • I also have Sudoku on here—have I mentioned that? So far I’ve done at least one puzzle per day, including the Puzzle of the Day, and it definitely gets me thinking.
  • Have I mentioned I’m going to Paris and London in January? Yes, for a class, for two weeks. I am also very excited about that. (I’ll talk about that in a later post. Yes, that sounds like a good idea.)
  • I’m also working on a new signature, not only for signing my blog, but also in real life. I hope I can get it to look good the way I’m hoping!



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