NaBloPoMo 10: Communication Law

For almost two and a half months, I’ve been learning about communication law as a part of my graphic design major in the communication department. Before I took the class, I heard from a lot of people how horrible the class was. They said it was difficult, that the professor was difficult, and that the class was boring. However, for me it has proven quite the opposite as a whole. The course is challenging, but so far I have been able to earn As on all of the tests. The professor is tough, but she needs to be and she is also the head of the department. As for apparent boredom, I found it to be quite the contrary. Of course, I still get distracted sometimes and space out a bit, but then again I even do that while watching movies. I know I’m not the only one who feels that this course is not the worst class in the world, but I am certainly the minority in thinking this.

If you disregard the fact that I tend to be an over-achiever and try my best to do well in all of my classes (I’m not saying this to be stuck up or anything, it’s factual—I was and still am in honors classes and I continue to have a high GPA), I am finding that the internet and social media is helping me immensely, if only to perk my interest. Because really, I am on so many social media sites, and they are mostly my source of information and news because I do not look at news channels. There are many topics in class that relate to what I’ve heard about online, and not only does that help me understand the course, it makes me want to understand, rather than just want to get a better grade.

Surprisingly, this class has changed my work ethic a bit, in terms of in-class. I generally do not raise my hand and answer questions in class, and if I do, it is a very rare occasion. However, in this class, I raise my hand numerous times with the proper answer. I tend to do this only in times when no one else seems to know the answer (even though I usually know the answer every time) unless no one has given an answer for a long time and therefore I don’t want to try to answer and possibly get it wrong. But ultimately this class is getting me to speak up, which as a shy introvert is difficult for me.

And so of course I photographed some of my notes, because I love my new camera and can’t get enough of it.

My notes say, “The Marketplace of Ideas: idealistic, the good things will come through and the bad will go away.” I added: “I’m thinking we’ll rise again!”


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