NaBloPoMo 11: I enjoy reading essays about novels

Warning: Harry Potter spoilers ahead if you somehow have avoided spoilers after five years from the last book being released and a year after the last movie being released.

Over the summer I discovered a website that featured many fan-written essays about Harry Potter. I never thought about this before, reading about stories that I’m already reading. The only extent I’d ever thought of this was in fanfiction. I, personally, do not like fanfiction. I do not want to read it—I like knowing only the story’s canon. I feel that fanfiction writers should be creative and write about their own characters from their own head. However, I do understand that people like to hear more about their beloved characters—I do too—but I still like canon better. But I know practice makes perfect, and fanfiction certainly does help budding writers to blossom and get their writing and creativity out there. I just hope they continue with their writing with their own characters. (And we all know the Pornographic-Book-That-Must-Not-Be-Named came from fanfiction as well.)

But fanfiction is not the only way to write about other stories. There are essays too, particularly from The Sugar Quill. The particular essays I’ve read so far are about the Trio’s love lives, all written by Red Monster. The first one I read was about Harry and Ginny, and I kept trying to understand why the writer wasn’t including anything from the last two books. Then I realized: they hadn’t been written yet. This person had so much information, and Harry and Ginny hadn’t even gotten together yet, nor has Harry even explicitly said he was interested in Ginny. I also read, and just recently finished reading, an essay by the same person about Ron and Hermione, which was also written before the last two books were published. It was great to read all of the evidence for both couples’ love for each other even before they realized it themselves. It’s also a great way to revisit such beloved characters, still in canon, and see them in a whole new light.



2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 11: I enjoy reading essays about novels

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Fan fiction works as good practice for writing, and at the same time, one can still be creative in it. Though I know many follow the cliche and write as though grammar does not exist in this world.

    • Katie | mezzotessitura says:

      I understand that. Like I said, there are these benefits that fanfiction writers get from writing, but I hope they choose to write more in the future and use their creative minds to write something from their own imagination as well! 🙂

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