NaBloPoMo 13: I love my job, really.

Sometimes it just hits me that I’m very lucky in terms of some things. I just recently realized how lucky I am with my job at the school newspaper. The luckiest part about it is how I came to have my position.

Freshman year I went to an event with the Communication Department and by doing so I was given a mentor with the same major. However, I didn’t have any questions about the program or about getting adjusted to college so I never had anything to ask her.

But at the end of that year she emailed me asking if I wanted a job. She was the Advertising Manager at the Rider News and she was graduating, so she needed to find a replacement. I was thrilled that she thought of me as good enough to take up her duties. As a result, when she was training me we ended up talking about classes like we probably should have done previously in the year.

So then I went all last year as the Advertising Manager. In addition to getting advertisers, designing ads, and placing ads on the pages, I also gradually began designing infographics every few weeks, which hadn’t been done very well in the past. I began designing things like this more often, and when the end of last year was almost upon us, I was asked if I wanted to become the Design Manager—a position on the staff that was previously nonexistent.

Being the first Design Manager at a time we decided to redesign the whole paper, I was generally in charge of overseeing the redesign and talking to the person we hired to do most of the work. I now also design infographics more frequently than I did last year, and check that all of the elements on the pages are lined up properly and have the proper colors. Why are all of these things so great for me? I’ll tell you why.

  • Money—Since we’re talking about the job of a college student, it should be unsurprising that this topic would come up. I don’t get a whole lot of money but every little bit helps.
  • Practice—This is important, of course, especially since I’m still presently in college learning about design. This semester I don’t have any design classes, so I’m glad I still have a specific reason to design something each week.
  • Work ethic—By having a job that requires me to do work every week, I get used to having deadlines besides those for classes, just like I will have when I graduate and have a full-time job.

This year I enjoy my job much more than last year as well. I didn’t have as much to do last year, so I had less hours, and therefore I didn’t get to hang out with the staff as much. This meant that when I was with everyone I was not as talkative, and since I’m an introvert I was even more quiet than I could have been given the circumstances. Now that I’m there more often I’m basically there the whole time the rest of the staff is there writing and editing. I’m more talkative and I enjoy being there more than I had last year. I can only hope office life in the future is just as fun.


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