NaBloPoMo 14: More photographing around

Between last night (after my blog post) and now, I’ve taken a ton of pictures. The majority of them (350-ish) were for my school’s production of Cole, a musical revue of Cole Porter music, which was amazing. I also borrowed someone’s telephoto lens so I could photograph even better! Sadly I cannot upload any of those here, but I took a few others before then.

I was very pleased with this photograph. I brewed black dragon pearl tea last night, and the steam from the teapot gave it a wonderful glow.

I originally meant for this to be in focus, but then when I saw its beauty, I liked it even better than the versions in focus.

This was from today. My friends began decorating their room, so I went on a photographing spree. This paper chain has one link for every day before winter break.

I really love bokeh. I don’t know why, but I just do. This was one of the garlands that covered their door frames. I can’t wait to be around Christmas lights so that I can photograph more bokeh!


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