NaBloPoMo 25: Back from break

I imagine tomorrow will feel a bit odd, because I have just arrived back from Thanksgiving break. The weirdest part about this is last week I went home to see my high school’s band, then I came back on Sunday to go back to classes for Monday and Tuesday. Then I went back home for Thanksgiving break. Because of that, it felt like I was home for that whole time.

And so I’m back at school, and for the last day in a while I avoided the dining hall food and went to Panera with my roommate. I had a nice “Big Kid” grilled cheese, broccoli cheese soup, a chai tea latte, and a red velvet cookie. Of all of these, I’ve only had the soup before, so I was very pleased with myself trying new things (even if I already knew I’d like them anyway).

So now I am back to school, and I have my little Christmas tree with fiber optic lights that used to be Grandpa’s. As you can see, I like it alot.



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