NaBloPoMo 26: Cyber Monday

Okay, there was definitely something concrete I was going to write about today, but of course I failed to write my ideas somewhere. Instead you’ll just have to deal with my brief ramblings before scrolling down and looking at pretty pictures. (Okay, I’ll forgive you if you just skip to the photos.)

Well, it’s Cyber Monday and I was planning on not buying anything. I dislike the commercialism of Thanksgiving, as well as all other holidays, but that does not mean I never “buy” into them—I still buy presents for family and friends for Christmas, at least. But lately I have been planning on buying a few things to prepare for my trip to Europe in January. The only things I have left to buy are luggage, and while my family does not currently have enough money to buy the big Carry All The Things luggage, at least until this Friday, I still decided to look at camera bags because I still do not have a bag for my SLR. I quickly found a good sling bag—it turns out my friend’s dad uses the same one but with backpack straps rather than one sling strap when he travels out of the country—and I quickly bought it, unsure if the price today was the usual price or the Cyber Monday price (after all, 52% is pretty good). So there’s that. I partook in the commercialism that is Cyber Monday. That’s that.

I had some TARDIS tea today, in my TARDIS mug of course. I also finished the rest of my red velvet cookie from yesterday.

I really love to photograph bokeh.

On another note, I was very pleased with my train of thought at one point today. My roommate listened to a bit of music which happened to be dubstep with a plastic horn, but I couldn’t think of the word “dubstep” and I am also not familiar with dubstep in general, so instead of asking “Is that dubstep?” I asked, “Is that be-bop?” just as any fan of Good Omens would.


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