NaBloPoMo 28: An experiment that I won’t do

A few hours ago I picked up my Communication Law book to read, but I accidentally picked it up upside-down. Being the sometimes-lazy person that I am, I kept it that way. I read a few pages that way until I had to put it down to do something else, at which point I stopped for fear of someone noticing what I was doing (I don’t want to look like Luna Lovegood reading the Quibbler that one time) and because I just wanted to get the reading over with.

Luckily I do know how to read upside-down, so attempting this wasn’t a major problem, but it definitely slowed my reading pace. I began to wonder if this would help me remember the material any better, because I had to think more to get the words into my head. However, I do not have the time or energy to try to experiment this on myself in the near future, but if anyone else does, let me know—I’m curious.

Additionally, I found that looking at the serif letters upside-down after a few pages was a bit mesmerizing. What is usually the baseline was now the top of the line, and it began to look almost like cyrillic characters to me, even though I knew they weren’t.

Actual photograph of actual reading material. Sometimes Communication Law just needs to get an extra spark of appeal.

So maybe I’ll try it again. Will you?


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