NaBloPoMo 30: The End

Well, this is it: the end of the month, and the end* of NaBloPoMo. It’s been fun. And a bit stressful at times, which usually meant I fell back to pictures. Which I’m going to do right now, in fact.

Tonight was the Holiday Lighting at my school, and so of course I went and photographed.


As you can tell, I like bokeh a lot.


That will never change.

IMG_5893e copy



There were nice warm torches to stand near.


And so it’s been a good month of blogging, I hope you all enjoyed it. I hope you will all stick with me in the future with less frequent posts, which will hopefully mean they will be more thought out and less rushed (as is expected when there is one blog post per day, with daily homework being the priority).

Happy Holidays!



* Yes, this is currently running through my head.


2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 30: The End

  1. Stephyy says:

    Bokeh is my ultimate fave effects ever. Wish I know how to capture that or at least airbrush it in photoshop.. but sadly I don’t.. will def do anything to learn though. Haha! Love this post! More power to you xoxo

    • Katie | mezzotessitura says:

      Mine too! I don’t always know how to achieve the effect, but I generally try to do so every time I’m near small lights (like these lights). My own easy explanation for this is to have the lights farther away and focus on something much closer (like in my fourth picture, I focused on the closer lightbulb). If you have an SLR like I do now, you can just put it on manual focus and act as if I were focusing on something close-up, even though I’m not. Otherwise, with a point-and-shoot camera, focus on something close up (by lightly pressing down the shutter button) and then move your camera back to the far-away will-be-bokeh-things and take the photo.
      Good luck! I hope you’re able to achieve the effect!

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