Logo commissions: logos don’t have to be expensive


Do you have an Etsy shop or a business that needs a logo, but you’re a bit tight on cash? Designers are usually expensive, right?


Being a college student myself, I of course understand that it’s hard getting around without money. And when you’re crafty with Etsy, you want potential customers to get interested, right? Right! But what a customer wants to see is an appealing store with appealing graphics, and their inner voice will tell them: this shop owner knows what he/she is doing.

So here’s my offer: you need a logo, banner, whatever: I’ll make it for you.


1. One-color (black) logo ($8-$10, depending on complexity)

2. Color logo ($11-$15, depending on complexity)

3. Logo with matching banner ($20-$30, depending on color and complexity)

These prices are not set in stone, and are decided on a case-by-case basis. More complex and time-consuming requests will be priced higher. If you are dissatisfied with initial designs, additional consultations will cost more, beginning with $5 per consultation. (You will only pay, via Paypal, when you are completely satisfied!)

Send me an email at kt.hambor@gmail.com (if you could, put “commission” in the subject) and include what tier you would like to use, what the the logo is for, any information about your company, what the size should be, and any additional information you think would be useful. The more specific you are in the first place, the more likely you will get what you want in the first place, so less consultations will be needed (which makes for a happier you and less confused me!).

Please don’t hesitate to check out my portfolio at http://mezzotessituraportfolio.wordpress.com and/or ask me any questions you may have. Additionally, I reserve the right to include any designs in my portfolio, as long as I include a link to your online store or in some way credit the client.

Thank you!



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