My Instagrams through the months: Part 1

Like a lot of people, I use Instagram. I still like the rectangular photos better than square photos, as I find rectangles to be more closely related to the rule of thirds. But of course that doesn’t stop me from using the square photographic medium, it just means I have to work around it and do things differently, making sure the square versions don’t crop out important parts of my photos. I also don’t Instagram like a lot of people do, uploading (not photographing) viral photos or screenshots, or just photographing everything that happens to them. Sure, I photograph my food sometimes or silly little things that I see, but I do my best to do everything artistically. I center or off-center my subject, keep the rule of thirds in mind, and (possibly too often) photograph with my DSLR, edit in Photoshop, upload to Dropbox, save to my iPhone’s photos, and then upload to Instagram. It’s a long, arduous process for the design-inclined.

That being said, and because I haven’t written in this blog for a few months now, I thought I’d give a bit of a recap of my life through my Instagram photos. I won’t post all of my photos, just my favorites, ones that are significant to my life or are just particularly pretty. Because I have 232 photos as of right now, I think it’s a good idea to make more than one post for this. So here goes…

Time for #piano

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This photo was one of my first Instagram photos, taken in one of the practice rooms at school. It’s certainly not an innovative photo, but I clearly wanted to use up some time.

Yum, avocado grilled cheese. #food

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And so the food photos start. This was back when I first realized I should try cooking but I mostly only knew how to make grilled cheese so I made one with avocado. I’m pretty sure this was taken with my camera at the time, not my phone.

If you know Doctor Who, you might enjoy this. I was playing around with my Adipose toy and realized my TARDIS mug top could be a hat.

The next three photos all go together; they are of my neighbor’s cat.

Just too cute.

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We took care of this cat after my neighbor passed away and I felt bad, but we’re all allergic and I’m also just not too good with animals anyway.

Playing Rummikub with @BG__14

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This is the game Rummikub, or Rummy-O as we say, or Rummy-K. I really like the placement of the little red car.

Cupcake day! Merited a photograph.

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Back at school for September, the dining hall had cupcakes, even though it looks like it should be for Halloween. It may look like I’m outside, but I’m actually at a window.

My favorite shot from yesterday's photography outing.

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With my school’s photography club, I went to the local orchard. Again, this was photographed with my camera first, edited, and then I posted it on Instagram.

Look, sauce on my pasta! (Ooh so daring!)

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This pasta just looked really pretty.

I love my new stylus, which happens to look like a quill.

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I was pleased when I bought a stylus and it looked like a quill. So of course I had to photograph it when the inkwell was on my Kindle.

Tiny little book.

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My cousin had a really tiny book so of course I photographed this too.

And that is the end of my 2012 photographs. Next are my 2013 photographs which seem to be more numerous than my 2012 photographs, probably helped by the fact that I switched from a Droid to an iPhone in December for my trip to Europe in January.

Next stop, 2013.



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