Father’s Day present wrapping crafts

So today is Father’s Day! For the first time in a while I had a good idea to decorate/wrap a present. It all started with Dad’s present being about the size of a person’s body, which led to this:


One of Dad’s shirts is the wrapping, “tied” with a tie! There is also a handle on the box right where the neck of the shirt is, which makes everything easier to handle.

Then keeping with the shirt and tie theme, I made an origami shirt with regular printer paper and added a ribbon for the tie, similar to this tutorial, however I really just looked at this photo and then did it myself. I didn’t add buttons to the collar, but I added three eyelets down the center for buttons, usually hidden by the tie.






I really like how it turned out and eventually I might make more for special occasions. It’s certainly a reason to buy a few more ribbons. And I’ll definitely be pinning a few of these photos on my Pinterest board.


All together, now:


So have a happy Father’s Day to all the families out there, and remember those fathers that have been lost to us. (These too.) And I hope this post inspires you to get crafty as well!



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