NaBloPoMo 1.2: 2013 Edition

Well, I did it last year and I’m doing it again: National Blog Post Month. Instead of writing a whole novel this November, I plan to write a blog post here every day. The only thing is, today and the next two days I will not be able to actually write blog posts, so these are/will be/were written ahead of time. So here are my goals for this month:

  • Photos! I have a lot of photos. Of course I want to show them off.
  • What have I been doing this whole year? I haven’t really written anything at all since last November, so it’s high time for lots of updates. I even went to Europe, so that will be its own post.
  • Food! Now that I have my own kitchen, I’ve been cooking every day and trying new things….and taking photos of that. So you’ll be subjected to that.
  • Some other things. Frankly, right now I can’t remember the other things I was planning on, but I’ll remember them at some point. Surprises are good too!

Here’s a month of writing!



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