NaBloPoMo 2.2: Food photos at college

Hopefully I will go more in depth with a few of these food posts in the future, but for now I will just start off with the photos I posted to Instagram in the past two months of my cooking at school. The recipes tend to be from Pinterest, or at the very least vague ideas that I look at and then say “well I don’t have that ingredient” or “I am one person making this for myself, not four people” so I alter the recipe greatly. (By the way, when you see little ceramic people with my food, those are my salt and pepper shakers.)

First thing made in the dorm kitchen: broccoli cheese bites in muffin tins.

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This is the first thing I made at school, as I recall, greatly altered from here and put in muffin tins instead of making them into patties.

I’m going in chronological order, so just assume that at some point next I made this, a brownie in a mug. Recipe here.

Made poached eggs with sautéed spinach. Pretty awesome.

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I learned how to make poached eggs for the first time with this one, and they came out perfectly. My mom loves poached eggs and doesn’t know how to make them so I plan on making them for her soon, and my uncle is a great cook and doesn’t really know how to make them either and I showed him this photo and he was amazed. I didn’t even use the vinegar that’s used in this recipe, mainly because I have none.

Made pasta to share with @whatacatchdiana and @chrissycody!

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HereI made one-pan pasta for the first or second time (but this time for my roommate and former roommate) and it was great. So great that when I have no idea what to eat, it usually ends up being this pasta (usually without the tomatoes and therefore just spinach, because I don’t really like cooked tomatoes). If I’ve already had that recently, I will usually fall back on eating eggs—likely the poached eggs above.

Made breaded chicken with @cooljoe29 as the salt and pepper shakers look on.

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This fried chicken sort of failed because we still didn’t have a non-stick pan and I didn’t know how to therefore cook properly (apparently you need to heat the pan before you put anything on it) so all of the crumbs came off. This is just the basic breadcrumb fried chicken that we usually make at home—the crumbs are saltines.

Lessons in delayed gratification…failed. (2-minute cookie in a bowl. Yum.)

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I made a cookie in a bowl. Loki liked it.

If you’ve heard of spaetzles, you’re probably German or know someone who’s German. Usually they’re much smaller than these, and that’s because these are Alsatian spaetzles—originating from Alsace-Lorraine—and we’re still not sure if it’s German or French. I’m not going to tell you the recipe because it’s a family secret (sort of) but I’m sure you can find something similar. I also tried fried okra for the first time.

Now this is what leftover spaetzles should look like.

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Making spaetzles just for yourself is great because then that means leftovers (unlike at home, when leftovers are rare) and then they can be fried. Because I have so many photos I’ve taken these past two months of my meals at college, this will be continued tomorrow. I hope I didn’t make you too hungry! But if I did, maybe I gave you some inspiration for your next meal.



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