NaBloPoMo 3.2: More food at college

This is a continuation of my last blog post.

Made biscuits with meat in. Tasted good. Clearly I can be on Chopped now.

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This is a creation of mine, in which I put Pillsbury biscuits in a muffin tin, put some cooked, seasoned ground beef inside with spinach, and another biscuit, and cooked for the designated time on the biscuit package to make these interesting sandwiches. Yum.

Fried bananas with some cool whip, because why not.

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I made fried bananas, but I think in the end they weren’t sweet enough for me. Glad I tried it once.

Made apple chips.

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Because I can’t eat apples without them being cooked, I decided to make apple chips. They too weren’t sweet enough because they were cooked so much, but still interesting and worth a try.

Made apple pie cake with @alexagcantweet!

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Also because I can’t eat the apples, my friend and I made this apple cake that I can’t seem to find the recipe for now.

It's a good thing I put this on a pan before putting it in the oven.

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This is just a broccoli cheddar quiche that unfortunately overflowed. Luckily I thought to put a pan underneath ahead of time. I make quiches more frequently than most college students, I’m sure, and I don’t need to look at a recipe to do so anymore.

I made cream of potato soup with turkey bacon and cheddar!

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This was supposed to be potato soup, but it was more like thin mashed potatoes. The recipe is so wrong, so I did my best. Because that started happening, I also added some cheddar and bacon.

Made colcannon cakes! Because, well, I had a lot of mash.

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Since I ended up with so much potato mash, I searched for ways to eat the leftovers. I discovered that cooking eggs in it is good, and so is what I have pictured above: Colcannon cakes. I made this a few times—one of my friends even came into the room and thought it smelled like cookies? (it did not)—and probably tasted even better with the bacon inside. (And yes, that’s my salt shaker.) So those are all of my foods I’ve made and photographed in the past two months. I will certainly keep doing this with my food—I tend to only go to classes and eat, so these have been dominating my photo feed for a while—so if this is your cup of tea, feel free to follow along. (Although I do drink tea, I don’t usually take photos of it. Maybe I should. I have way too much a lot.)



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