NaBloPoMo 4.2: A nice time with family

Today is Monday, and so it’s the first day of November in which I have classes and work. The past three days have been wonderful, as I was visiting with family including my 90-year-old great aunt at the family farm (and therefore the first three NaBloPoMo posts were written a few days ahead of time) and I had a great time.

On the first day, Friday, I took a photo of the almost-sunset not long after we arrived.

At the farm!

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While we were there we caught up with what was going on with everyone in the past year or so, had lots of food (much richer food than I’m used to, cooking for myself!), and walk around the farm in the breezy weather. This weekend felt a lot longer than just a weekend, and since we’re usually there in the summer, it was odd that the weather was so cold.

Then yesterday, just before we left after a large dinner and dessert of apple pie and pumpkin cake, I took one last photo of the sunset:

Goodbye, farm.

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I just wish the weekend were longer.



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