NaBloPoMo 5.2: Type and photo shoots

Today was a fun day in my graphic design class—we had a photo shoot. Throughout this semester we have been working on making patterns to create wrapping paper. Since I have such a love for typography, I decided to create a pattern of letters overlapping.

I will definitely go more in-depth about this later, but since this is a Tuesday and I am at work and only had a break for class, I haven’t had a chance for editing anything and therefore I only have some of the raw photos with wrinkled backdrops.

The great thing about this wrapping paper is anyone can buy it. I haven’t fixed the store yet to make it all pretty, but if you’re interested in buying it, go ahead and let me know if you did!

IMG_0264 IMG_0268 IMG_0285 IMG_0289



Edit: Here’s what the final product looks like.


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