NaBloPoMo 6.2: Star Trek and stories for ourselves

Well, it’s only day six and I’m already at a loss for words. It’s been a while since I’ve really sat down to write anything more than an essay for class. (More on that at a later date.)

And so I sit here while watching Deep Space Nine while wondering what to write about. In fact, perhaps it should be noted that I have now watched all of the Star Trek leading up to this point. That’s right: I have watched (in the following order) The Original Series, its corresponding movies, Star Trek (2009), Into Darkness, The Next Generation, its corresponding movies, and 3/4 of the first season of DS9. When I say that I have now done this, I mean I started this in May and I finished TNG at the beginning of October.

This mainly began because I wanted to watch Into Darkness when it came out, but I wanted to have some basis for it—I didn’t want to just go see the movie without seeing the original series like most of my generation was probably doing. I wanted to watch where it all began, and I certainly didn’t stop there. During spring break I also watched a few TNG episodes here and there on BBC America, and from that I knew I definitely wanted to watch Star Trek, I just needed to wait until classes were over.

My only problem is I only have a few friends who have watched more than just the two recent movies—and of those friends I think I may have them beat with the number of episodes I’ve already watched—so I don’t have many people to talk about any of this. I guess this is always the case when I, and other people, get excited about a certain thing—whether it be television show, book, movie, anything—and then go through it so fast that no one else can keep up. This can last for minutes, days, weeks, or even years. On the other hand, having that one thing you love to love all on your own could be a good thing too, because then it’s like your own personal secret story—even if there are still thousands of strangers that know the story too—and you can hold onto it for just yourself.



P.S. I realized that my second and third posts weren’t set up correctly because I posted them from my phone. Thank you to all those who put up with that and read and liked the posts anyhow! I’ve fixed them now.


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