NaBloPoMo 7.2: Bokeh experiments

Tonight, as many people probably know, is the American premiere of Thor: The Dark World. Therefore today’s post isn’t going to be very text heavy.

But today in Photography Club at my school (of which I am the vice president) we talked about bokeh (my favorite photographic effect) and tried changing its shape. Instead of having actual fairy lights, I projected photos of fairy lights on the wall for everyone.

First, I tested this out in my room (with my crocheted alot) using photos on my computer screen.

IMG_0352 IMG_0353

Then at the meeting I was able to take a few photos in between teaching others.These are supposed to be suns, but they sort of look like hands or crowns in some places.

IMG_0362e IMG_0363e

I also tested this with my phone macro lens and decided that it would work if I had much smaller shapes cut out of paper. Either way, the usual circle-shaped bokeh worked out just fine.

2013-11-07 17.20.00




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