NaBloPoMo 9.2: One day’s cooking

Today was a very uneventful day, until dinnertime rolled around. (After that, it was yet again uneventful.) Since I am lacking in inspiration today, I shall enlighten you with the exciting meal of two college students who wanted to be a bit fancy (but not too fancy) for once.

The main course (the only course, of course) was mini turkey pot pies. The original recipe called for chicken, but since I had leftover turkey already, we decided to live a bit dangerously (and not use extra food).

Mini turkey pot pies with Alexa!

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For dessert, we made apple doughnuts. We haven’t actually finished making these, as we didn’t cover them with cinnamon sugar, but eating the plain excess edges were delicious as well.

Apple doughnuts made with Alexa!

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I do cook every day, but I don’t bake every day. Sometimes that just means I make pasta, and sometimes it means I make something more difficult like a quiche. Usually all of this happens when I’m cooking just for myself, but on days like this it is nice to share the workload and the satisfaction of enjoying something that you just cooked yourself.



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