NaBloPoMo 10.2: Cycle of migraines

We are now one-third of the way through November. I would like to say that I’ve been generally productive during these past ten days, but I have only been going to classes during four of them, the first three I was visiting family, and during the past three I, so far, have taken no part in doing any homework. I haven’t actually had any specific homework to do, which is why nothing was done, but another reason for my unwillingness to do anything of late is my migraines.

Unfortunately I have been having a good deal of difficulty with these pesky headaches for over a year now, as I have a headache one way or another 24/7, and feeling “better” just means having a lighter headache. Since January I have been trying many different types of medicine from my neurologist, and although I’m better than I once was, my head still does not feel “normal.”

I do my best to avoid migraine triggers as best I can—I always wear sunglasses when it’s sunny, I don’t use the awful overhead lights in my apartment and instead use lamps, I avoid MSG as much as I can, and I’m taking HBC for the sole purpose of keeping my hormone levels steadier—but sometimes I still want to eat some chocolate, or something salty, or have tea. Although my neurologist has told me it’s perfectly fine for me to have a cup or two of tea in a day, I still find that it triggers or worsens my headaches even if I’m having decaf or white tea (as white tea has the least caffeine of all the teas). Of course, stress is also a trigger, and one can never really get away from stress. Rainy days are also triggers, and as much as I wish I could control the weather, I’m just not a Q.

And everything gets even more complicated when migraines are so close together that you don’t know when one ends and the next begins. There are also at least a dozen possible migraine symptoms I get regularly, including but not limited to fatigue, sensitivity to light, loss of appetite, nausea, irritability, lightheadedness, et cetera.

For now then, I just take each day as they come, getting through four days of classes and stress and then recovering during the next three days. I hope at some point things will be better, but for now this is the cycle I constantly return to. Until then, here’s to eight to nine hours of sleep, no rainy days, and minimal dorm fire alarms (one of which occurred while this post was written, unfortunately).



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