NaBloPoMo 11.2: Veterans Day

Today, as many people are probably aware, is Veterans Day in the United States. At my university this year, veteran students decided to line the campus mall with almost 6,800 American flags—one for each American soldier who lost his or her life since October 7, 2001. This really showed the true meaning of Veterans Day today—though many people were off from school or work, we were not, but it was still a day of remembrance. As I stopped to take some photographs this afternoon I saw at least a dozen people stopping to take photos, and I wasn’t even there during a busy time of the day.

So today I salute those I know who have been in the military: my grandfathers, my cousins, my classmates, and all those others who have served, those still living and those now lost.

IMG_0370e IMG_0372e IMG_0377e IMG_0380e IMG_0385e


P.S. there is one more photo with the infamous alot.


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