NaBloPoMo 13.2: Portfolio

Today was a design-all-the-things day. Therefore, I decided that today was the perfect day to finish updating my portfolio as I need to finish doing so by next week anyway.

And so it is updated. Here is a rundown of everything that’s been added:


Type & Stripes Wrapping Paper. I’m so pleased how this turned out. As I meant to mention in a past blog post, I had a lot of fun doing a photo shoot for this package design, and since I was the only one besides the professor who brought my DSLR to class (it wasn’t required, of course), I was able to help out and almost be a professional photographer for about fifteen people. This in itself was a great experience.

Disc Golf course map. I only worked on the map portion of this, but I was part of a larger design team that worked on the entire project which took place over a few weeks and overall the entire package looks great.

Maggie’s Crochet snowflake samples. This was actually done during the summer but it’s almost timely since we’re halfway through November, and I’m still really pleased with how these turned out.

The next big project I’ll be working on is another map, and though I first though I would dislike making maps, I actually found it to be fun—more fun than I would have found the other projects I could have done for the design team. This next map—which is going to be part of another large project with the same design team—will be even more extensive as it covers a larger area and includes a lot more details, but I’m excited to get started.

If you found these new designs of mine to be interesting, please take a look at my full portfolio.



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