NaBloPoMo 18.2: Migraine food trigger story

I may have inadvertently given myself a bit more of a headache than usual today.

I am still occasionally munching on my Vermont Nut Free Chocolate that my parents bought for me for Halloween. This isn’t new though, as I’ve been doing this for at least three weeks now. Either way, the chocolate contains caffeine which is thoroughly unhelpful for headaches. I also learned more recently that dark chocolate contains more caffeine than milk chocolate—a little more than double the caffeine. This makes sense though, because it has less sugar and therefore more cocoa.

I then made things a bit worse for myself when I made dinner. I made a delicious dinner today of chicken poached in Earl Grey tea with a side of rice.

Chicken poached in Earl Grey tea with rice.

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Delicious as this dinner was, I probably shouldn’t have made it in the first place. I don’t actually know how much tea was in the chicken, but the meat was in the tea for over twenty minutes and this was probably the darkest brew I’ve made in a while.

After eating dinner, I was still a little bit hungry, but with my headache I didn’t know what to have. Chocolate was out of the question, anything salty was out of the question, and of course a cuppa was not an option. Eventually a bit of nausea settled in and my eyes were (are) drooping not completely out of weariness and mostly out of headacheness.

And now as the day ends, it is time for me to take my migraine medicines. Maybe in the next hour before I go to bed, my head will feel a bit better. And maybe eight or so hours of sleep will help as well. But I won’t get my hopes up because it will probably take at least 24 hours to get me back to “normal.” But I’d rather that be without the quotation marks.



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