NaBloPoMo 19.2: Cookie cooking on campus

Today is Do All The Things Tuesday! Again. I feel like this just happened, so why did it get back here so fast?

In the office this evening someone was baking cookies in the kitchen. Since they smelled so delicious, I stopped at the campus convenience store on my way back home hoping there might be some cookie dough to buy. Much to my dismay, there was none! This convenience store should be called an inconvenience store—or maybe just a better way for students to not give into their cravings. I could just as well make cookies from scratch, but other snacks ended up good enough for me tonight.

I definitely have become less excited about cooking in the past few months. There was a time when the want of cookies would result in a cookie in a bowl:

Lessons in delayed gratification…failed. (2-minute cookie in a bowl. Yum.)

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Now I just look at the photo of it and remember how much measuring had to take place, and I stop thinking about it again.



2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 19.2: Cookie cooking on campus

  1. tuckedintoacorner says:

    Inconvenience store for sure. My university has a store where you can buy cups of noodles. You have to first pay for the noodles, then you can use the hot water to make them. Problem is, the hot water station is right by the line of paying customers, which means you either do the noodles elsewhere, go without or risk the wrath of hungry students. At some point, you just give up and hunt and gather elsewhere. I too am less enthused about baking right now, though I’ve seven weeks to get back into it.

    Now I want cookies.

    • Katie | mezzotessitura says:

      That’s certainly inconvenient as well! Our convenience store sells cups of noodles too, but with my allergies I can’t eat any of those. I did find one brand that I can eat though, and I plan to have that soon! They’re not at the convenience store, though.

      I’m sorry for making you hungry!

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