NaBloPoMo 20.2: Always reading everywhere

It’s been a while since I really sat down and read a book. This year I told myself I would read 35 books this calendar year—last year I read 25. So far I’ve read 29, which is 2 books behind schedule, but some of these books are actually short stories that are sold as ebooks. By the end of the year I will have read ten of these short stories so I suppose I’m not cheating myself out of any goal and I will still have read more than last year.

The only problem is, the last time I really read was a month ago, and that was only for reading one of these short stories. I love reading, but sometimes when I’m in a lull it’s hard to get back into it.

And so of course tomorrow the second installment of The Hunger Games movies, Catching Fire, will be in theaters. I’ve read the entire series at least twice, but I also like to reread books before I see the movie unless I read them recently. So about a week ago I began reading the book, got about 50 pages in, and then I stopped due to schoolwork. Then two days ago, Monday, I realized I really needed to get going on it because there are 391 pages and I have a limited number of time to read it. Even writing this blog post is cutting into some reading time (but that’s okay).

And so I get back into the routine of reading every chance I get. When I say that, I mean it: I bring my book to classes, read when before class starts, read curled up on the couch, read over meals—I even read while waiting for the lights to go down before an on-campus performance this evening.

All of these things are fairly normal for avid readers, but I’m not sure if walking and reading is quite as normal.

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My view on my walk to work today.

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I do this frequently—but only when the sidewalks aren’t busy. I have good enough peripheral vision that I can see what’s in front of me as I walk and read, and so far I haven’t gotten dizzy from the movement, probably because I’m doing all the movement myself. I don’t know what other people around me think of this, though sometimes I’m self-conscious about it. But I’m not any more self-conscious with this than I am about my hair, or my height, or the way I dress, because reading no matter where I go is a part of me that will never change.



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