NaBloPoMo 22.2: College holiday traditions

Tonight was a mix of traditions for my friends and I. The evening began with an early Thanksgiving dinner, so that we were able to have one together before we all go home with our families. My stomach quickly filled, as I’ve been unaccustomed to eating smaller meals while cooking for myself. But tonight I ate until I knew I couldn’t eat another bite.

2013-11-22 18.46.59

After dinner we went across campus and watched the second annual lighting of the library. Unfortunately it began to rain so we weren’t outside for very long.




Then we went back to the room and set up the tree and put some ornaments on. We had also received new ornaments from the holiday lighting.



To finish off the night, Santa also came around on the fire truck. I thought this usually happens on a weeknight, but it seemed like the perfect end to the night full of end-of-the-year holiday traditions.





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