NaBloPoMo 23.2: Doctor Who Day

I will never deny that I am a Whovian. Of course, today is the greatest day of late in the Doctor Who fandom: it is the Fiftieth Anniversary of Doctor Who.

Gettin' ready. #DoctorWho50th

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On my campus we had a Doctor Who screening which basically meant that we discovered many other Whovians on campus and then watched BBC America in one of the theatres on campus. We had some Who-themed food:

IMG_0626_11232013 IMG_0623_11232013


A great slideshow explaining Doctor Who 101:


And of course there were lots of people dressed up for the occasion. Here’s my black Converses with two others’ Converses:




We also had an in depth discussion about the episode which was really great, and hopefully in the near future a Doctor Who club will be formed. We need at least 12 students for a club, and we certainly had that many—we even had more than 13.



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