NaBloPoMo 29.2: Doctor Who and Harry Potter trivia realizations

Today my friend and I had a lazy day on the couch as we watched Harry Potter on TV. While doing so, I realized a few things:

The bridge that collapses at the beginning of Half-Blood Prince, the Millennium Bridge, is the bridge that has never been very sturdy. Before last January, when I was in London, I didn’t really know which bridge that was, but now that I’ve seen it, I made the connection and I remembered how it was closed while I was there. Clearly the bridge doesn’t need Death Eaters to render it unusable—although it hasn’t actually fallen to the bottom of the Thames as far as I know.

The voice of the Ministry of Magic lift, Daisy Haggard, was also Sophie in Doctor Who. There is a long list of Harry Potter/Doctor Who actors, but I don’t think I’ve seen her on that list before. In fact, I have just found this list that has a lot of Classic Doctor Who actors that I had no idea were also in Harry Potter.

When seeing Ollivander in Harry Potter, I realized there is yet another prominent actor to be added to this list, now that John Hurt has been in Doctor Who for the fiftieth anniversary.

I know about a lot of Harry Potter trivia, but sometimes I am surprised by new things. When watching the movies on ABC Family, like today, trivia pops up on the screen but I have known these facts for years. But it’s always great when I surprise myself with new trivia.



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