How I listen to music

Being a musically-inclined person, one would think I would be and should be listening to music whenever possible. Of course I love listening to music and hear music in many things at any point in time. I even heard a “symphony”—albeit a very odd one—in the MRI machine two summers ago. I also often hear music just by looking at movement.

But of course there are times when I listen to music by my favorite artists. The majority of the time that I play music occurs in the car, as I’m usually by myself and I need something to help pass the time as I travel. This always involves singing and/or moving my head in the direction of the music. Other times I listen to music are, rarely, at home with music playing on my computer while I read or do something else.

But then there is one other form of listening to music that occurs most frequently—and by “listening” I probably mean “hearing.” This requires no electronics, as the music is played in my head. This happens almost constantly; if you were to ask me if I had music playing in my head at a certain moment in time, I may have to think for a few seconds before responding but I would most likely say yes. Music plays in my head so much that I tend to tune it out the majority of time, just like my headaches and the occasional ringing in my ears. However, when this occurs, the music tends to repeat over and over without much of a change. Having the same thing playing on a loop can get tiresome, but I tend to be either too lazy or uncaring to do anything about it.

For the most part, then, unless I’m in the car I don’t remember to just listen to music for the sake of listening—if music is such a constant, why bother seeking it out? Sometimes I do think to myself, “I should put some music on,” but I don’t usually act on the thought. Again, listening in the car is mostly just for something to do. When I do actively listen to music, it tends to be for the purpose of seeking out more of a variety of songs or for a music class. But I’m mostly content with the constant stream of music unless I accidentally get an annoying song in my head, so for now I’ll save some power, keeping the radio “off” and my head “on.”



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