Winter on campus

Today was a snow day here, even though I wouldn’t have had classes anyway. On my way to work I decided to take some photos of the wintery campus. I didn’t realize until afterwards that the entire right side of my phone lens was smudged, but I think the photos look pretty great all the same.

I enjoyed walking in the snow, so much so that I didn’t like walking on the already-shoveled walkways. This was mostly because the plowed surfaces felt slipperier than the soft snow itself. I wouldn’t want to drive in this weather, especially with plenty of people without four wheel drive all around me, but walking was pretty calming and—let’s face it—beautiful.

2014-02-03 14.14.49 2014-02-03 14.16.09 2014-02-03 14.17.46 2014-02-03 14.17.52 copy 2014-02-03 14.19.26 2014-02-03 14.21.37




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