Fireworks before the Fourth

Well, it’s almost Fourth of July. That means fireworks everywhere and a lot of me flinching from synesthesia because I sometimes see bright lights from noises (a double whammy with fireworks). But last Saturday I muddled through it, focusing my energy on taking photographs with my camera on a tiny tripod on top of a rock wall (which led to very crooked pictures and thus a lot of cropping).

If you want to learn how to take long exposure fireworks photos like I did, check out Photojojo’s guide to shooting fireworks. The majority of these were 6 second exposures.


Not fireworks, just fire. Long exposure of a fire pit.

IMG_430406282014 IMG_430906282014 IMG_431406282014 IMG_431806282014 IMG_431906282014 IMG_432606282014 IMG_432706282014 IMG_432806282014 IMG_432906282014 IMG_433806282014 IMG_434406282014 IMG_434706282014 IMG_435006282014 IMG_435806282014 IMG_436806282014

Bonus: yesterday we had a weird storm and this is what I saw when I looked at the sky at sunset. IMG_439007022014e




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