NaBloPoMo 29.2: Doctor Who and Harry Potter trivia realizations

Today my friend and I had a lazy day on the couch as we watched Harry Potter on TV. While doing so, I realized a few things:

The bridge that collapses at the beginning of Half-Blood Prince, the Millennium Bridge, is the bridge that has never been very sturdy. Before last January, when I was in London, I didn’t really know which bridge that was, but now that I’ve seen it, I made the connection and I remembered how it was closed while I was there. Clearly the bridge doesn’t need Death Eaters to render it unusable—although it hasn’t actually fallen to the bottom of the Thames as far as I know.

The voice of the Ministry of Magic lift, Daisy Haggard, was also Sophie in Doctor Who. There is a long list of Harry Potter/Doctor Who actors, but I don’t think I’ve seen her on that list before. In fact, I have just found this list that has a lot of Classic Doctor Who actors that I had no idea were also in Harry Potter.

When seeing Ollivander in Harry Potter, I realized there is yet another prominent actor to be added to this list, now that John Hurt has been in Doctor Who for the fiftieth anniversary.

I know about a lot of Harry Potter trivia, but sometimes I am surprised by new things. When watching the movies on ABC Family, like today, trivia pops up on the screen but I have known these facts for years. But it’s always great when I surprise myself with new trivia.



NaBloPoMo 28.2: Thanksgiving with family

Today was a sleepy yet fantastic day with family. It was laid back, relaxing, and—of course—full of food. It’s great to not have to worry about homework, even though I will have to do that again soon. I can only hope many others have had a great Thanksgiving as well. And if you’re not in the United States and therefore do not celebrate Thanksgiving, or celebrate another holiday, I hope that it is just as relaxing and enjoyable.


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NaBloPoMo 26.2: Ready to go home

Though today is Tuesday, it isn’t a busy Tuesday where I have work for hours and also have to go to class. This is only for one reason: it’s the beginning of Thanksgiving break. Unfortunately, today was a rainy day which made everything feel that much colder, but at least I was shielded by my clear umbrella.

2013-11-26 18.18.41

I still had my classes today, but at least I didn’t have to worry about work while I was also working on packing. Tomorrow morning I will drive back home, most likely in more rain, and then I will finally be home and be able to have a break longer than just the weekend to see some friends and family before the end of the semester kicks in.

NaBloPoMo 25.2: Daily life lessons

Today I needed to check the oil in my car because the “check engine” light is on and I don’t know why. I can’t get the car checked until I drive at least two hours to home, so the only thing I could do is check the basic things. However, I wasn’t entirely sure I remembered where there oil gauge is in the car, so I had a friend help me check.

Long story, short: I actually was the one who knew how to check the oil, whereas he didn’t remember that one should clean off the gauge stick and check a second time—something that I remembered.

Moral? Be more confident in yourself and go with your gut! Also don’t procrastinate and leave things to the last minute. That results in blog posts about checking the oil level in your car.


NaBloPoMo 24.2: Writing back burner

I almost completely forgot that I was supposed to write a blog post today. Unfortunately I believe I have developed a sinus or ear infection (or both) so today has been a lazy day of working on projects while sitting on the couch and watching television. All of a sudden at exactly 11 p.m. I realized that I put this blog on the back burner yet again I needed to write something soon.

(However that “back burner” metaphor really isn’t a very good one because in my apartment I have only been using two burners on the stove, the big one in front and a smaller in the back to the left, as I am afraid to use the other two because there’s still things seared below the burners from previous owners that I can’t clean and frankly don’t care to. Also the stove is so small that you can only fit two things on the stove in this way at a time anyway.)

I am fully aware, however, that for most of this month of November, with this second blog post month I am participating in, I have continually been leaving posts to the last-minute without planning ahead with what I want to write about. I still haven’t talked about my trip to Europe last January, and it’s been almost a year since I was there. Regardless, I certainly learned how to think of an idea, write about it, and check it over in under an hour.

One thing is clear though, with my blog post work ethic this month, there really is no way I would have been able to do NaNoWriMo, or write an entire novel in a month. But writing blog posts every day, or even once in a while as I hope to continue after November, is much more satisfying when I see that others are reading my work and enjoying it. I don’t think I’m ready for a long-term writing commitment such as writing a novel. Instead, smaller projects like writing blog posts and, of course, doing graphic design work are what I’ll continue to do as they are what I do best.


NaBloPoMo 23.2: Doctor Who Day

I will never deny that I am a Whovian. Of course, today is the greatest day of late in the Doctor Who fandom: it is the Fiftieth Anniversary of Doctor Who.

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On my campus we had a Doctor Who screening which basically meant that we discovered many other Whovians on campus and then watched BBC America in one of the theatres on campus. We had some Who-themed food:

IMG_0626_11232013 IMG_0623_11232013


A great slideshow explaining Doctor Who 101:


And of course there were lots of people dressed up for the occasion. Here’s my black Converses with two others’ Converses:




We also had an in depth discussion about the episode which was really great, and hopefully in the near future a Doctor Who club will be formed. We need at least 12 students for a club, and we certainly had that many—we even had more than 13.